A 37-year-old Virginia man severely disfigured by a 1997 gun accident has received the most extensive full-face transplant in medical history, according to University of Maryland Medical Center surgeons.

“lol wouldn’t it be hilarious if we gave him some waggly neck fat out of nowhere?”

Wow, Garth Ennis really nailed healed facial gunshot wounds:

Diplo and Azealia Banks. Rapid-fire drumline, chattering raps. Nothing more needs to be said.

Like oh my guh what ARE YOU?? Lumberjack flannel, constellationary freckles on a not-so-wan complexion, and your hair is like There’s Something About Mary but not silly and not jizzed in. This is one of those situations where she (and, y’know what, on second thought, maybe he) is a girl that I think is beautiful but there’s something about this impression that makes me think we would have overlapping interest in the world.

PS This wasn’t done as a teaching experience, I was actually moved to write about this photo, but, like, this is what you should be doing when you reblog a photo. WRITE SOMETHING. Flex them muscles. Wow I’m clearly in need of a nap.


Hate Crime Investigation of the Day: Shaima Alawadi, a 32-year-old mother of five who emigrated from Iraq with her husband 17 years ago, was found severely beaten inside her El Cajon, California home next to a note that allegedly read “go back to your own country. You’re a terrorist.”

Alawadi was rushed to the hospital, but passed away after being taken off life support yesterday afternoon.

Investigators say they believe this was “an isolated incident,” and a hate crime is just “one of the possibilities” they are exploring.

[utsandiego / cnn.]

Really, y’all? ONE of the possibilities? I guess you have to fucking rule out suicide first, huh?

Twitter – “WeLoveTrayvon”

Looking at the tweets of this account, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was named something related to Kony two weeks ago. An unattributed Twitter hopping on topical awareness bandwagons and pledging donations through retweets and follows but with no guarantee of accountability. This is like the ultimate easy-advocacy AND an insane ploy to garner followers. My face hurts at the idea.

Twitter – “WeLoveTrayvon”