Looking back, I saw that some girl reblogged this Bill Hicks quote and included her comments:

THAT JUST MADE ME SO ANGRY. clearly this person doesnt know that people can get addicted to marijuana, believe it or not.

so this guy saying that my point of view is pointless, makes this guy the biggest asshole around.

so fuck you guy, fuck you.

It makes me sad, and I don’t say this in a condescending way but like a my-eyes-are-warm-from-welling-tears way, but it makes me sad that there are people that ended up on the island of My Generation who read Hicks’ material, get angry, and abort their thoughts all over the content-drenched span of tumblr, but can’t even wiki who this “guy” is? There’s such a gap between how me and this girl look at the world, and that gap isn’t going anywhere, and what do I do in the face of that?


Badass Bartender of the Day: Sure, Ukrainian bartender Alexander Shtifanov can put on a show. But how are his people skills?


Bar flair intrigues me because the addition of a spout to your juggling clubs manages to open up a whole new realm of possibilities. All those elbow-bumps he gives to the bottles, to add spins— I don’t think that can be done with clubs for whatever reason. If it was possible, I’d hope I would have seen it by now. The slow-mo shot where he launches the drink and swipes all the liquid out of the air is a new one to me.

Some of my tried-and-true techniques:

  • launching the liquid into the air and catching it all on my head
  • drinking
  • accidentally dropping my glass mid-conversation for no reason
  • shaky hands
  • throwing bottles off of fire escapes
  • ffFuck theshe bottles, yall wanna shee a maj-ick trick?”

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening “Playaround” TAS

A Youtube comment puts it well: “I actually feel sorry for the game.” It becomes a testament to the programmers that this game can function after such glitch-fueled violation. Link plays a knight like a drum as a laughing alligator leaps from a lake of fire— yeah.. I’m just gonna put it up on a projector for visuals at my next party.

Kid History 6

I watched one of these yesterday and then all of these yesterday— grown men acting out stories told by children. This one is about eating healthy food. The characters have such expressive faces and lip dubbing.