May Day – Reblog, Repost, Refuse


The link is to a list of events in NYC tomorrow.  If you’re here and you can, try to take part in something.  Make your presence felt.

Even if you’re far away or you’re working all day tomorrow, your participation by abstention is just as important.  History can already account for the revolutionary impact of physical bodies; let’s make sure we teach history a new mode of resistance tomorrow.  Seriously – just don’t buy shit.  It sounds easy, but I mean don’t buy anything.  Pack a lunch from home.  Don’t stop at Starbucks.  Don’t stop at Dunkin’ Donuts.  Don’t order anything from Amazon tomorrow.  Don’t sign up for a new Netflix account (but if you already have one, you’re allowed to distract yourself with streaming films in order to avoid going shopping).  If you really need something urgently, find it on Craigslist.

(Please note – while it’s certainly nice to support independent retailers, independent retailers very often carry products directly or indirectly created, inspired, designed, or owned by multinational conglomerates who profit from their sales; the slogan is not “shop at independent retailers,” it’s DON’T FUCKING SHOP.  At all.)

Let’s make this day count, guys.  Not for a given purpose, with a fixed aim in mind; let’s just take a day to demonstrate that we can act.  Let’s take one day to show the machine that we may not be able to dismantle it, but we can apply pressure when and where we choose.  To make them take notice.  In their own language – with numbers. 

Sure, I’ll do this. I just figured out that abstaining from Duane Reade means I won’t be able to pick up moisturizer, so my face will be dry as shit all day. Moisturizer is having me question capitalism’s function; cool.

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