Looking back, I saw that some girl reblogged this Bill Hicks quote and included her comments:

THAT JUST MADE ME SO ANGRY. clearly this person doesnt know that people can get addicted to marijuana, believe it or not.

so this guy saying that my point of view is pointless, makes this guy the biggest asshole around.

so fuck you guy, fuck you.

It makes me sad, and I don’t say this in a condescending way but like a my-eyes-are-warm-from-welling-tears way, but it makes me sad that there are people that ended up on the island of My Generation who read Hicks’ material, get angry, and abort their thoughts all over the content-drenched span of tumblr, but can’t even wiki who this “guy” is? There’s such a gap between how me and this girl look at the world, and that gap isn’t going anywhere, and what do I do in the face of that?

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