It’s one of those scenarios you feel will never happen to you. Nobody thinks they’re going to be the one, whatever, to get in a car wreck to have their, you know, their kids killed in a plane crash, whatever, you don’t think those things are going to happen to you. And I didn’t think that I’d be traded. So.

Bronson Arroyo on being traded to the Reds

Watsky, “G.O.A.T. Fast Raps”

okay well I just spent like 15 minutes watching some of his videos and I’m a bunch more impressed. Also now I’m pretty sure he’s older than me, just precocious looking.

Wait shit and he’s a nationally acclaimed slam poet. Uh, sorry Sammy James, I eat my words: you don’t compare at all to George Watsky.

“The Road to Victory” by Sammy James

Here’s more racial media to take in before we have our Louis C.K. discussion. I need everyone on board for this, mostly because it’s funny to imagine other people watching this video.

Nothing against you specifically, Sammy James; I didn’t mean to find your video on Youtube while in the throes of a particularly rough y-hole. You just happen to be part of a group of white teen boys whose parents can afford microphones and camera equipment to set up in the basement. Watsky is basically the same, except he owns himself and he puts even more time (and thought) into his videos.

Hipster Racism


The spiritual successor to this article, I was hoping that someone would go into the idea with more depth, and Gawker took up the charge. The idea of ironic racism is one I’ve been kicking around in my head for the past couple of months, and I don’t know where I fall on the scale of belief. I’ve realized in this chunk of time that, while my ironically bigoted jokes (starting from when I was like, 15) were couched in the idea that my intent was to skewer fools who truly believed what I was parodying, intent is still no defense against harming people and still contributing to “white supremacy.” (Yeah that’s a powerful phrase but let’s just put it on the level of “patriarchy” for the purpose of what I’m getting at.) At the same time, it is hard for me to believe that all white comedic uses of, for instance, “nigger,” are detrimental. Admittedly, I’m looking for an exception, which some might find despicable, but it really has no bearing on my own behavior and I treat it as a thought experiment for comedy. (haha oh god treating it like a thought experiment could be despicable in its own way)

I’d be interested in seeing a racial critique of Louis C.K.’s comedy— for some reason I can’t help but think that stand-up comedy creates a safe space to confront privilege by ironically mimicking those who don’t recognize it. (With the exception being that you have to be famous enough of a comedian for people to understand your underlying character.) Louis is treated as the patron saint of comedy right now (and I know he’d summarily dismiss what I’m writing) and so his racial humor interests me the most. Actually, hold on, I’ll write about a clip of his a moment.

Hipster Racism


The last flyer I’ll ever make for Street Violence.

I particularly enjoy the naked lady E, the peen C, and the squid E. And this poster is far from the “art-overload” that runs rampant over contemporary concert posters. A breath of fresh (stanky, alcoholic) air

The Stranger – “The Bravest Woman in Seattle”

I can’t find the closed Firefox tab that collected all of them, but in the past three hours I’ve decompressed from vacation by staring at some of the best magazine features of the year. John Jeremiah Sullivan’s review of DFW’s The Pale King, Outside’s rundown of the defense against poachers on an Indian preserve, The New York Times covering Oxford, Mississippi as well as comic voices of dissent in China, plus The New Yorker on George Hotz’s hacking of the PS3 and Paul Haggis’ defection from Scientology. (That’s enough keywords to get you to those articles if you’re so inclined.) That said, this summary of court testimony by the victim of an incredibly brutal crime is, somehow, more upsetting than shocking. The sheer will in the face of impossible depravity made me flip through the comments section to see if any other readers had come away as torn up as I had. There’s an unanimous outpouring of love and respect, (and remember, this is an Internet comment section on the real live Internet,) reassuring me that there’s some sympathy out here to counter the horror.

The Stranger – “The Bravest Woman in Seattle”


May Day – Reblog, Repost, Refuse


The link is to a list of events in NYC tomorrow.  If you’re here and you can, try to take part in something.  Make your presence felt.

Even if you’re far away or you’re working all day tomorrow, your participation by abstention is just as important.  History can already account for the revolutionary impact of physical bodies; let’s make sure we teach history a new mode of resistance tomorrow.  Seriously – just don’t buy shit.  It sounds easy, but I mean don’t buy anything.  Pack a lunch from home.  Don’t stop at Starbucks.  Don’t stop at Dunkin’ Donuts.  Don’t order anything from Amazon tomorrow.  Don’t sign up for a new Netflix account (but if you already have one, you’re allowed to distract yourself with streaming films in order to avoid going shopping).  If you really need something urgently, find it on Craigslist.

(Please note – while it’s certainly nice to support independent retailers, independent retailers very often carry products directly or indirectly created, inspired, designed, or owned by multinational conglomerates who profit from their sales; the slogan is not “shop at independent retailers,” it’s DON’T FUCKING SHOP.  At all.)

Let’s make this day count, guys.  Not for a given purpose, with a fixed aim in mind; let’s just take a day to demonstrate that we can act.  Let’s take one day to show the machine that we may not be able to dismantle it, but we can apply pressure when and where we choose.  To make them take notice.  In their own language – with numbers. 

Sure, I’ll do this. I just figured out that abstaining from Duane Reade means I won’t be able to pick up moisturizer, so my face will be dry as shit all day. Moisturizer is having me question capitalism’s function; cool.