Sometimes I wonder about my life decisions…

Seriously rethinking mine too.

Dammit Ellen =/

Not a big deal if she says stuff like “but look at me im huge celebrity”


Super RPG Trio

Pixelated by Drew Wise, these three full-color, 12” x 18” posters are printed on 100# glossy cover in California and is rolled and shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube.


The future holds a bleak outlook with not much promise. Scavenging domes, potential is found that has the chance to aid in the fight to redeem a doomed era.


A pair of brothers by your side, one smelly, the other picky. You hear a noise, but that couldn’t be a bee? Or could it…

Boss’s Keep

The leering scimitar gazing over the world it seized atop a king’s castle. This is the ultimate destination in one of the best plumber equipping, time attacking, star hunting games on the SNES!

Buy them here! http://www.fangamer.net/products/super-rpg-trio 

I immediately bought these. Are you kidding me? I spewed my love for Earthbound all over this tumblr earlier today! This nigh-tryptych finds me as I’m searching for something silly to gift myself; dude, everything is going well.

Passion Pit, “I’ll Be Alright”

PP have taken their trademark squealy samples and maxed-out drum hits to a new peak. “My brain is racing and I feel like I’ll explode” is correct, the first twenty seconds of this track ought to get your neurons clicking and pulsing courtesy of glitched-out drums sped up beyond anything else the band has put together. Where “Sleepyhead” could have been a futuristic lullaby and “Little Secrets” a joyous exultation, this is music that sets you running in circles around your room if you can’t get outside. It’s panic music, designed to mirror your anxiety and calm you down with each chorus’ release. Their new album is out now or soon, who knows, not me.


Three Generations Born At Once of the Day: Patrick Sloan is 60 and nearing retirement. But earlier this year, in the span of three months, he became a dad, a grandad, and a ­great-grandad, after his wife, daughter, and granddaughter all gave birth to boys:

It was a huge surprise to discover I was going to be a dad again at my age.

But to find out that I was gaining another grandchild and my first great-grandchild at a similar time was unbelievable.

I was worried people would be disapproving that I was going to be a father at an age where most people are retiring but everyone has been really pleased for us.


Never a good sign when the clan patriarch’s eyes point in different directions


Mother original box art. Famicom, 1989.

I’ve owned a shirt with that planet for like five years and honestly get a little choked up when I hear the Mother theme. Thus I reblog all Mother/Earthbound related ephemera!


I’ll be back on tour this September! Spread the word if you’re coming to see me!

Largest white audience at a rap show this side of MC Chris, but I would go 150% if it was opportune.




There’s your male privilege.  How many of you ladies are throwing yourselves in front of bullets?

Thanks to fuckyeahcrx for sending this my way.


Tragedy turned gender debate?…mother’s will protect children. There’s a story of a mother losing her legs during a tornado some time ago while keeping her kids safe. Bravery is instinctive.

I agree with you, Chaz. If one turns the fact that three men were killed protecting their girlfriends into a question of gender relations, he/she is dangerously close to conspiracy theorist levels. Maybe those men were just protecting the women they love.

Azealia Banks, “Esta Noche”

TNGHT just released their first EP, and Azealia’s Fantasea came out a few days ago, so I hope y’all don’t mind me catching up on some music I missed. This track was produced by moombahtonista and Mad Decent label-bro Munchi, but you might be wondering why the guy who invented micro-genres like moombahcore keeps his influence on the DL for this. Then you hit just over a minute, and all hell breaks loose, and I’m pretty sure Banks says “twat” a couple times, and just before those squeals pop your eardrums— we’re back to that chill cut-up R&B sample. Wack.


Waka Flocka Flame – Rooster In My Rari (TNGHT Remix)

This remix sounds like Waka Flocka’s producers went out and bought an actual synthesizer rather than relying on Nokia’s built-in ringtone creator. And I know that some of his charm comes from those deliberately cheap bleeps, but I’m a maximalist when it comes to music right now. This is unashamed and trap as fuck.