Dear Coquette: On taking a joke.


I can take a joke on the nose. Really, I can. So why am I slightly slighted at Louis CK jumping to the defense of this Tosh asshole? (let’s be honest, Tosh is about as funny as Carrot Top) Yuck.

So, why am I a little peeved that the one comedian I have a shred of respect for is jumping to the…

Louis C.K. does not try to marginalize rape when he defends Daniel Tosh, but he does; Daniel Tosh’s continuing success shows people that you can yell about rape at an individual and still make millions of dollars a year and have a TV show and famous friends. Louis C.K. contributes to that image. The circle of life.

My disagreement with his decision does not mean I am boycotting Louis C.K. In fact, I’ll probably forget his involvement by next month. I can’t get too worked up about him, because I recognize what his role is in all this. (Not to mention that I probably contribute to the patriarchy by 8am what he does in a week lol)

I would bet that Louis doesn’t like that the public opinion of a damn famous comedian has been struck so hard by a somewhat unverified account written by a unknown blogger. Lenny Bruce was put out of work and, well… killed by his obscenity trials. It worries me a little too, and even with the tone of my last piece, I want to make it known that I’m not calling for Daniel Tosh’s head. I’m calling for our society’s head. (And then remaining on the futon in my basement, so far from galvanized)

Dear Coquette: On taking a joke.

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