Super RPG Trio

Pixelated by Drew Wise, these three full-color, 12” x 18” posters are printed on 100# glossy cover in California and is rolled and shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube.


The future holds a bleak outlook with not much promise. Scavenging domes, potential is found that has the chance to aid in the fight to redeem a doomed era.


A pair of brothers by your side, one smelly, the other picky. You hear a noise, but that couldn’t be a bee? Or could it…

Boss’s Keep

The leering scimitar gazing over the world it seized atop a king’s castle. This is the ultimate destination in one of the best plumber equipping, time attacking, star hunting games on the SNES!

Buy them here! http://www.fangamer.net/products/super-rpg-trio 

I immediately bought these. Are you kidding me? I spewed my love for Earthbound all over this tumblr earlier today! This nigh-tryptych finds me as I’m searching for something silly to gift myself; dude, everything is going well.

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