Sleigh Bells on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations

Now I know what flavor margarita to throw onstage at the next show. Also: ALEXIS AND DEREK I LOVE YOU LIKE MOST FOLKS LOVE ONE DIRECTION (WHICH ALSO INCLUDES MYSELF)


Techno Cats of the Day:  Nobody Beats the Drum’s new video stars cats and laser pointers.

Hang in there — it’s a slow start with a killer payoff.


This is how music videos are supposed to go. A flashy idea that can build with each chorus. Even if there’s a story, the underlying concept has to expand in unexpected ways. Plus I think there’s an otter or a beaver or something chasing the laser? idk

A fun day!

I’m going through my closet and discovering that all the baggy (but professional looking) clothes I bought in 9th grade and were then abandoned when I decided to wear fitted clothes in about 11th grade are now the perfect size for 16.5th grade me. I’m beginning to think I masterminded this whole fashion scheme seven years ago, because I am so happy about it right now.

Also, I am packing up all my belongings and have been saying goodbye to people and places for the past couple of weeks.