If you’d rather go to a club than a museum, you deserve to be unhappy.

museum? what the fuck is in a museum? they got bitches in museums? alive bitches?

Ghostofchurch? Where art thou?

I’d rather go to a club when I want to dance and a museum when I want to take in art, because those are two different wants that can be fulfilled at different times, I am maximum happy.

Dear Coquette: On being undecided


What if I’ve decided to not vote for either candidate for President? I deeply believe in the democratic system but can’t bring myself to stand behind either candidate. Am I wrong for thinking that I’m better off voting for a third-party candidate, even though ultimately it won’t change the…

While I agree with Coke Talk, I’d also like to speak to another idea: every vote does count. If you vote for Obama in Georgia, he may be handily trounced by the Republicans throughout the state, but you’re still demonstrating that it’s worth campaigning there. You’re showing Democrats that, hey, if you move to Georgia at some point in the future, there will be at least some likeminded folks, and you can find them in these counties with these proportions. Your vote demonstrates to yourself and those around you that you care, and creates added pressure on you/your community to maintain the tradition of voting in future elections.

And the effect of all of this is compounded by voting for an alternate candidate that stands for what you stand for.

Dear Coquette: On being undecided

status Update

Dear The two girls dressed in animal jumpsuits doing a bungee off the bridge at the end of our hike,
You Gals lookde real cool… But we understtand that our raucous gigglefests and loud fake accents may hav seemed like to much fun to handle, but we can just get your # now n e way. Thank you for ur time and good smiles

Brian n and Micael… xo

I love Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal because once a week it catches me with a thought that’s new to me and is so sensible that I’m surprised I haven’t read it anywhere else.Of course these sorts of fluctuations fall well within the margin of error, andof course nobody wants to mention that on TV. That the comic manages this in every sphere of learning doesn’t seem possible from one creative mind.

jesus christ I have had this open in my browser for like two weeks just wanting to post it but also never exactly feeling inspired enough to post it, I don’t know why, but here, just here, take it, enjoy, it’s a map of Westeros (from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire) done up in Super Mario World graphics, fuck, it doesn’t even feel worth it anymore, I’m tired and have bruises up and down my arms and can’t muster up the energy to write more than the 500 words I already committed to my thoughts on last night’s show, so just hold out a lil longer, we’ll get there together