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Dear The two girls dressed in animal jumpsuits doing a bungee off the bridge at the end of our hike,
You Gals lookde real cool… But we understtand that our raucous gigglefests and loud fake accents may hav seemed like to much fun to handle, but we can just get your # now n e way. Thank you for ur time and good smiles

Brian n and Micael… xo

I love Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal because once a week it catches me with a thought that’s new to me and is so sensible that I’m surprised I haven’t read it anywhere else.Of course these sorts of fluctuations fall well within the margin of error, andof course nobody wants to mention that on TV. That the comic manages this in every sphere of learning doesn’t seem possible from one creative mind.

jesus christ I have had this open in my browser for like two weeks just wanting to post it but also never exactly feeling inspired enough to post it, I don’t know why, but here, just here, take it, enjoy, it’s a map of Westeros (from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire) done up in Super Mario World graphics, fuck, it doesn’t even feel worth it anymore, I’m tired and have bruises up and down my arms and can’t muster up the energy to write more than the 500 words I already committed to my thoughts on last night’s show, so just hold out a lil longer, we’ll get there together

The movie I’ve watched the most times is Dazed and Confused…

Chuck Klosterman on the subject of Immersion Criticism

Hey, we’ve both watched the same movie the most! That’s what I love about movies; I keep gettin older, they stay the exact same every time that I watch them, yes they do… Yes they do.

Fat Tony and Tony Cruz, “Double Dragon”

These Atlanta denizens (or maybe just one half is Atlantan?) opened for Riff Raff, Kitty Pryde and Lil Debbie last night, and this track’s 8-bit beat pumping through Echoplex’s soundsystem was about when the night got started for me. The video looks way too good for the level of popularity these guys are at (the cocaine-fueled cop battle rainbow nose-lasers!), so take a peek and prepare yourself for my full writeup of the show.


throwin hunnits hunnits

My favorite tumblr since I can remember. That’s not an exaggeration. Can’t think of one that has brought me more smiles in such a short amount of time. Smile density maxed. So hip you can suck my shib

I demand unconditional love and complete freedom. That is why I am terrible.

Tomaz Salamun

This is how I conduct myself, and perhaps I look terrible to some, but I also am very okay with that because it affords my freedom and love. Even though I imagine that this quote is not tailored for white dudes. We’re already pretty free and loved.

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