Goodbye friends, I am joining this space frog in a land far away from these 30 Rock reruns on Netflix

This is a frame from an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures, proving they were on some Silent Hill shit. Plucky’s tongue is crushing his own brain and his rictus smile holds strong.

Wikipedia – Mack Bolan

“Bolan enlisted in the Army at age 18 and served two tours of duty in Vietnam as a Green Beret, even though newer novels don’t make any reference to this as it makes him seem too old.”

“As well as being in two nuclear explosions, Mack has been knifed numerous times and shot several times in various parts of his body, most recently in his left shoulder. He has been in numerous grenade explosions and several warehouse roofs have come down on his head.”

It’s funny to imagine a 70 year old secret agent who has been in caught in two nuclear explosions (which is one more than one nuclear explosion, which is generally thought to be a lot).

Wikipedia – Mack Bolan