I need an app that will find the ratio of # likes to # of total friends on your Facebook profile’s posts, then averages the ratios into one final number calculating exactly how much people really like you. you could even arrange the data for different periods of time to see if people enjoy you more around your birthday or were less partial to be friendly when you moved in with your girlfriend.

*kicks feet back on mahogany desk, puffs cigar*
yeah…….. that’s the ticket

Truck full of cows crashes

Thank heavens this came out in time for Oscar season, this year’s crop has been dreadful.

PS The same as Twitter restricted us to 140 characters, we need a Youtube that only allows 30 second-long videos. I have never seen a video shorter than 30 seconds that I did not like.

casually cruel: Break Radio playlist #1


So at WUOG we have a thing called Break Radio where we deviate from regular programming and volunteer to do random things to fill up the 3 and a half weeks of winter break when most DJs go home. When I was in the station I had to cover someone’s slot so I ended up creating a show called “Songs to lose your virginity to” …

While these are all great songs, please (actively) remind me not to lose my virginity to anyone who suggested them for this theme: my narcolepsy is bad enough as it is, and I think it’d be pretty crushing if I fell asleep on top of my partner (pun intended).

edit: does anyone at UGA listen to hip hop

edit2: okay, I was a little unfair, I’ve definitely bonejammed to “Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl”

edit3: Hopefully that’s the last time I’ll use “bonejammed” and “seventeen year old girl” in the same sentence about me.

casually cruel: Break Radio playlist #1





Not gonna lie, definitely just looked at my top 20 or so…

i’m going to look at this tomorrow and see if this changes….or maybe i’ll wait a week to check it…

Seeing as my second biggest stalker is my dad, who does not care about me, and my seventh biggest stalker has been dead for six months, I’m going to call bullshit on this one.

Facebook does not and will not order your friends by view count, openly or secretly, because that would defeat the purpose of their entire platform. If the Facebook userbase suspects that its own browsing history is trackable, its numbers will plummet. It is in Facebook’s ultimate interest, beyond a lot of other things, to seek out loopholes like this one purports to be. So chill.