casually cruel: Break Radio playlist #1


So at WUOG we have a thing called Break Radio where we deviate from regular programming and volunteer to do random things to fill up the 3 and a half weeks of winter break when most DJs go home. When I was in the station I had to cover someone’s slot so I ended up creating a show called “Songs to lose your virginity to” …

While these are all great songs, please (actively) remind me not to lose my virginity to anyone who suggested them for this theme: my narcolepsy is bad enough as it is, and I think it’d be pretty crushing if I fell asleep on top of my partner (pun intended).

edit: does anyone at UGA listen to hip hop

edit2: okay, I was a little unfair, I’ve definitely bonejammed to “Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl”

edit3: Hopefully that’s the last time I’ll use “bonejammed” and “seventeen year old girl” in the same sentence about me.

casually cruel: Break Radio playlist #1

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