The ATL Twins are Spring Breakers Forever (Photos by Dustin Chambers)

Any story about Sidney and Thurman Sewell starts with a party. People are always hanging around their Midtown loft, sipping vodka and soda and staring out the floor-to-ceiling windows 26 stories above Peachtree Street. Sometimes it’s a music video director and a girl they met in the strip club or a guy they used to skateboard with and a few girls they met while, well, they really can’t remember. Maybe Trinidad James is on the stereo. Maybe Gucci Mane. Some pictures that Terry Richardson took for a fashion magazine are framed on the wall. Sidney and Thurman hang out with reporters a lot. One January night, a photographer and I are the journalists at the party. The next weekend it will be a couple of guys with Vice. The month after that, a Page Six spy will report their activities at a club in New York.

Read on at  And don’t miss the Full Photo Gallery to get a taste of a day in the life of the ATL Twins.

The photography is done by my acquaintance/high school alum Dustin Chambers, these dudes are fascinating, check out the Vice profile for more antics.

Drake, “Started From The Bottom”

My boss loves this and now so must I.

I don’t have to love Drake’s dance moves or the weird, Twilight Zone skits in which everyone on Earth has been replaced by a more annoying version of themselves, so here’s not the music video.