Anonymous Leaks Horrifying Video of Steubenville High Schoolers Joking About Raping a Teenager ‘Deader than Trayvon Martin’

A friend shared this with another on Facebook. Since I treat Facebook like a combined comedy playground + laboratory, I tried to make a joke. Someone replied, and I got the chance to question what I’m doing even more than my anxiety over being hated usually forces me to. I imagine that my point of view is very similar to what my friends expect from me, but I feel like I came up with a couple of thoughts new to me.

Since I do all my best writing in Facebook comments, here we go:

  • Brian J K Regan oh so now we have to ruin these young men’s promising comedy careers??? when does it end
  • M. Q. what part of that is comedy? or are you being facetious? either way, no.
  • Brian J K Regan I dunno I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Leno rip “She’s raped deader than Trayvon Martin” later this week

    (M.Q.: there are people commenting on the Jezebel article that defend this video, writing that “people make objectionable jokes in close company all the time.” My point is that the monologue captured in this video isn’t even jokes, it’s just topical comparisons meant to shock, and that anyone who believes this is “shock comedy” is really overestimating the amount of thought these boys put into their words. This is, in effect, an illustration of the divide in comedy about rape jokes: unacceptable ones use rape, “acceptable” ones discuss rape. Since I like to contribute to positive discourse, in writing my comments I want to draw a connection between anyone who defends these boys’ sense of humor to the fucking rape apologists who bemoan the rapists’ futures— hopefully anyone who would read it would see that.

    But you didn’t. So I’ve failed, not you. And maybe this apologetic analysis/follow-up joke can make up for it or clarify for anyone else. I would hope that Olivia isn’t FB friends with anyone who would be illuminated by my joke in the first place; either way, I approach serious topics this way because it’s good practice for my future, more fun/less sad for me than rehashing all the real articles I read on these topics, and a way to reach people whose eyes would gloss over at any two paragraph long comment like this one.

    If anything about my approach still makes you uncomfortable, _please_ continue the discussion.)

Anonymous Leaks Horrifying Video of Steubenville High Schoolers Joking About Raping a Teenager ‘Deader than Trayvon Martin’

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