Daughter, “Medicine (Sound Remedy remix)”

Dubstep’s influence has mostly waned in the face of moombahton and trap music these days (though I’m sure a couple of diehard dubbros would wub to prove me wrong), which I find great, as it means all the terrible derivative and slapdash remixes churned out for each and every chart-topper have now been forced onto those other subgenres.

I’m psyched cause it lets tracks like this one stand out: a seven-minute plea from one girl watching her friend choose to crumble before her eyes; a subject far removed from Skrillex’s rock and roll chant-alongs. Rather than seeing how much can be conveyed by the low-end, this takes cues from the airy, melodic synths of house, with the driving sound of the breakdowns provided by (you guessed it) 8-bit keyboarding.

I also like to pretend that during those sliced up vocals, she’s calling out “from a-a-all that ass, from a-a-all that ass.” Just to reassure you that my ear’s in the right place.

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