Charli XCX, “You (Ha Ha Ha)”

As soon as this track opened, I knew I was home. In my apartment full of fluorescent light where I can crank up dark-pop and scream.

Charli’s album has been a long time coming, as “Stay Away,” a jam in its own right, was released/looped on my headphones nearly two years ago(? I think? I’m not checking). Even better, this song samples “You” by Gold Panda (a jam in its own right), which I first discovered thanks to Hood Internet’s mash-up (a jam in its own right) of that song and Lil B’s “Real Life” (a non-jam in its own wrong, because it’s not good at all). So this is a real confluence of good feelings right here. And I still have the next ten tracks to finish out. Yes.

I hope her real last name is “Ecksiex.”

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