Pitchfork – “Fanbased”

This overview of the community supporting prolific rapper/messiah Lil B (and each other) makes me wish I could devote my life to the Based God Mythology. But the main drawback is that I would have to devote my entire life to the Based God mythology. There’s so much. Tract after tract, and that would just cover Keke, Based Cat.

Pitchfork – “Fanbased”

Thoughts on Boston Marathon Bombing

This morning, two explosions rocked the finish line of the Boston Marathon an hour after the first runners crossed it.

Since a terrorist attack like this happens so rarely in America, I am reassured by one of two contradictory conclusions:

1. If this attack was the result of extensive planning around our defenses, then our defenses are effective enough to keep us from being under constant attack.

2. If this attack was as simple as placing bombs in trash cans, we must have fewer capable enemies than we think; otherwise we would be under constant attack.

Either way, my fear is lessened by the outcome of this tragedy. Which I think is all I can do other than feel very very sad.



Steve McQueen (Alluxe Remix) – M83

I caught Alluxe’s performance last night at The Virgil, and damn, can that girl lay down some sick beats.

Ah fuck Coke Talk was four blocks away from my home.

M83’s space haze mixed with some trap drum machines make this into something like danceable witch-house. Doesn’t make me any less disappointed about not being around one of my inspirations.