people that add comments to everything they reblog


Silly screencap from Brave aside, I’ve never seen such a vivid representation of how I believe tumblr’s users approach the site, and this has like 38,000 notes too! That means something!

It means tumblr’s culture is now actively dissuading its own users from critique. In order to be a tumblr kid (whatever that is, I honestly don’t know because I was a Livejournal kid) your dissemination of data is more important than your own input on that data. On a site that is still about blogging! (Tumblr still uses the word “blog” all over the place!) Blogging, which is, explicitly, by no other definition, communicating something about yourself!

This isn’t some cry out for the halcyon days of strict daily text updates about how zany 8th grade homeroom was, it is what it is: Blogging is being overtaken by Curating. But you can’t make money or learn anything through curating, and both of those things are dope to me

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