My back is pretty fucked right now – but I had to draw something after all these days~
So I messed with that Pokeymayne Fuser online and decided to draw some of ‘em :B

Poor Magnefing… Downgraded to one eye instead of Koffing’s two, and then a screw embedded in his face for no reason. Parasorb has to be the most emotionless Pokemon out there, at least Voltorb looks a little angry. All-in-all some successful nightmarish visions of what could have been!





So over millennial hate. Fuck off. I love my generation. 

yay now it’s accurate.


I’ve seen a little bit of bitching about this Time story, and none of it is accurately placed. The article questions why there are so many detractors of the Millennial generation when we’re well-suited to fit this changing world (wait you mean that growing up with computers makes us better at them than grandpa??? and this same concept has held for every youngest generation throughout time?). It’s even in the dek on the actual, un-edited cover. And when we complain about how other people have fucked up our future without even reading the document at the center of the debate, well, I think we come across as pretty millennial.

Just when Arrested Development’s revival was beginning to hit maximum hype, pushing me close to the edge of hearing so much praise for something I like that I then start to dislike it, Insert Me Anywhere brings the color back to my sight. I’m ready for more Tobias.