spin cycle – Super Bonk 2 (Red/Hudson – SNES – 1995) 

requested by fergzilla

The first Super Bonk is one of my favorite SNES games.

It’s about a cute lil caveman who travels deep into the ocean, through the solar system, and inside some of his hungrier enemies in order to destroy objects with his forehead. I think that’s the story: he simply wants to attack the villain, a regal t-rex. Maybe he stole some meat from Bonk. Who knows.



Ben: cole
a black lady asked me outside how to get somewhere
and i didnt know so i pull up my phone and look for it
manhattan municipal building
so while im showing her on my phone shes looking at it, and then says ok thanks and walks away
then i look down and my thumb must have hit another location and it said african burial ground
thats what she saw

Wait, what’s the “african burial ground” in Manhattan?

Nothing against Azealia Banks but this freeze-frame from her “1991” video reminded me that, in embryonic development, the first hole leading into your body (the blastopore) determines whether you are a protostome or a deuterostome by turning into, respectively, your mouth or your anus. Later holes follow.

In case you were wondering, humans are deuterostomes.

3D-Printed Gun Site Gets Censored By The State Department

Reading this, I’ve (at last!) visualized a scenario in which the United States government would have to move against its own citizens. Once the ability to print guns is out there, the US will have to crack down on the option. There will be two sides: those who love printing guns and those who don’t. Those who don’t will acquiesce to restriction. The dudes mass-producing Liberators are going to outright refuse. Violently refuse, as that’s the exact plan they spout in their rhetoric. And the idea of an armed militia assembled because “we love guns” and no other uniting cause sounds impossible for the government to allow for any length of time.

This means that the people most afraid of the night that they fend off a President-approved SWAT raid are the ones hastening its arrival. They are a self-fulfilling prophecy. I didn’t think I could be more bothered by gun nuts, but realizing that they may be the greatest threats to my rights as they blindly swear to defend their own has me grinding my teeth.

3D-Printed Gun Site Gets Censored By The State Department

Mz. Champagne, “Ghetto (Land of the BadBitch)”

Here’s another World Star find, but I’m nowhere near as confused about my feelings on this. The beat samples Kill Bill, namely the siren ringing in the Bride’s mind every time she’s about to “bring the ghetto” to multiple weaker warriors. It’s used to best effect in the breakdown at 1:20, which demands better, faster dance moves. The video’s not a stand-out (though Mz. Champagne looks like a fun friend), but her voice has a husky, dangerous timbre to it. I’m just psyched to appropriate so much culture, y’know???

Jc Flamez, “The N*gga Song”

I’m trying to find out how to get a video posted on World Star Hip Hop, and this video is on the front page of World Star Hip Hop, and I’ve never been as mixed up about my opinion on something thanks to World Star Hip Hop.

I kinda really like WSHH.