On the Steubenville, Ohio reblog


“I wish there was a way to say you need to be aware of your surroundings without sounding like you’re victim shaming/blaming.”-sweetasspring

How do you articulate this? I like to think what if a loved one was the victim? I wouldn’t say she should’ve known better. I’d probably be like Sam Jackson in the movie “A Time To Kill”.

The problem I have with the language here is that nobody needs to be aware of their surroundings when it concerns the will of others. If I trip and fall and all my Sacajaweas roll out of my chest pocket, and some dude snatches them up and runs away laughing, was I the one in the wrong? If I’m drunk and asleep on the subway and another commuter rolls up and blasts my head off with a shotgun, is it my fault? No, instead we say “that was a bad person who stole and murdered you, who saw that your guard was down and your Sacs were escaping and decided to ruin your life. Bad person.”

The people who argue that girls need to “be aware of their surroundings” (please notice how close that phrase is to the deliciously paranoid “beware of their surroundings”) suggest that it’s practical to spend more energy on making girls frightened instead of making sure guys don’t forcibly penetrate. I would rather write passages like this on my tumblr than convince girls that they have more reasons to be miserable.

(And Chaz I know where you stand on this argument but I wanted to respond in depth to “sweetasspring” which my eye reads as “sweet-ass-spring” which sounds like a gender-neutral rape-prevention device manufactured by Acme. heh)

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