Soul Like De La: On the Steubenville, Ohio reblog


(And Chaz I know where you stand on this argument but I wanted to respond in depth to “sweetasspring” which my eye reads as “sweet-ass-spring” which sounds like a gender-neutral rape-prevention device manufactured by Acme. heh)


Right. It’s like wait, how about pointing blame at people who attack? However, Black parents would say the justice system is unfair against Black men so sure a fucked up cop may stop a black guy for driving while black [Crash anyone?] but the same parents would say don’t give the cop a reason to mess with you in the first place. I feel that’s the rationale, stay out of places you don’t belong but within certain context other things must be accounted for.

You draw a very strong parallel, one that I hadn’t thought of before. Mulling it over kept me from jumping to a response last night. I guess that sort of precaution is more a matter of privilege than blaming: where everyone shouldn’t rape but we tell women to avoid rape-situations, everyone SHOULDN’T give a reason for a cop to mess with us, but white people are lucky to not have to worry about it. It’s still an imbalance, ostensibly victim-blaming, that doesn’t get spoken about as much as rape culture, perhaps because we’ve so internalized the idea of “… yeah, cops hate minorities, that’s not changing for awhile” where with today’s young men we can be like “DON’T STICK YOUR DICK PLS” and maybe make a difference.

Soul Like De La: On the Steubenville, Ohio reblog

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