Breaking: Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones leaving ‘Parks And Rec’ | BuzzFeed


I’m much more broken up about Lowe’s departure than Jones’. Rashida Jones is a fine actress, but Ann Perkins has always been one of the more problematic characters on the show. Cast shakeups happen all the time (and have to this cast before), so there’s no reason the show can’t go on and be just as good or better (in a different way).

Aw so this means that they either end up together or hating each other so much that they both start completely new lives, I love TV romances

Breaking: Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones leaving ‘Parks And Rec’ | BuzzFeed

Seth Sentry, “Float Away”

Since The Streets introduced me to grime I’m predisposed to hear disaffection in every white brit rapper. I loved his music, but it’s all delivered like the realizations of a man who’s hit bottom and keeps noticing new, awful pieces of himself. It didn’t help that Dizzee Rascal hit the scene at the same time and spit like he was on a rollercoaster powered by flow.

So I’m probably projecting a bit of that same boredom in Seth Sentry’s voice, but at least the message is a little more inspirational than the chavvy London projects where Mike Skinner’s life fell apart. Besides, the world needed its first British frat rapper, as demonstrated in this video about saying “fuck it” to formality.

Icona Pop, “All Night”

Wow. These Swedes can do no wrong. It’s like they stole beats that Dada Life made for Britney. What would their live shows be like? I imagine loads of confetti and balloons and praising the inspirational-house goddess above (in addition to the two priestesses onstage), but this song shares the self-destructive qualities of “I Love It” and “Still Don’t Know.” It’s a rare tension in pop (icona lol).

Mental Floss – 16 Words That Are Much Older Than They Seem

Tune in to VH1 this Fall for the premiere of Busta Rhymes’ new makeover show, Trick My Dwelling.

Mental Floss – 16 Words That Are Much Older Than They Seem