A “mascot” / Parody for my friends’ band: SPECTRECIDE

If they want changes I’ll do so and post the new one up here as well 😀

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Doble T y El Crok ft Tico Flow, “Me Siento Jevi”

“Me siento jevi” translates to something like “I feel cool.” (“Jevi” is a Dominican mutation of “heavy,” and they do a similar thing in Spain with “jebi.”) But clearly the only one who deserves to feel cool here is the child that starts rapping two minutes in.

Portraits of Albanian Women Who Have Lived Their Lives As Men

I’ve held the opinion for awhile now that, if you stare at someone’s face, it’s very easy to trick your brain into seeing them as the opposite gender. If you shaved my face, gave me long hair and slapped some make-up on me, took a picture, printed it out wallet-sized, went to a friend who didn’t know me and showed your friend and said “This is my girlfriend, Briana,” I doubt your friend would know I was a man. Not because I’m particularly feminine (well, barring my body language), but because we mainly use secondary sexual characteristics to distinguish ourselves from the other sex. Or your buddy was just trying to be polite about poor ugly Briana. Looks like you’ll have to be the one to find out

Portraits of Albanian Women Who Have Lived Their Lives As Men

FIDLAR, “No Waves”

Speaking of Saints Row IV earlier today, all of the in-game radio stations have killer line-ups. Like I downloaded ten or so songs and have them on repeat, when I haven’t downloaded ten songs in the entire month preceding.

Most of what I snatched from it was hip-hop or dance, but after listening to FIDLAR, I knew I needed the full album. There’s something about this surf-punk lo-fi sound that grabs me right now. Maybe I’m getting older and more scareder of death, looking at a bunch of teens yelling about feeling like a cokehead and how boring life is, and chuckling in my sweatervest before another drag from my pipe. I would really have to collapse (in the sense of striking a tent) my life if I wanted to live theirs, but why? They’re obviously killing it.










This is definitely my favorite one. 

oh this is wonderful

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stoned

Harry Potter and the Cannabis of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Weed of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Bong of Fire

Harry Potter and the Order of the 4/20

Harry Potter and the Half Rolled Toke

Harry Potter and the Deathly Doobie

Harry Potter and the Stoners Suck At Puns


I am so happy to announce that I will be a radio DJ in @rockstargames new GTA V coming soon! Tune in! Woop woop

So I freaked when I a.) saw that there was a Mad Decent radio station in Saints Row IV and b.) discovered that the DJ introducing songs was Riff Raff. But this news… This is like… When did “Brian J.K. Regan” become the demographic that game companies are trying to appeal to? This is on some Get Out My Head, Charles shit, or maybe 18-34 year-old white male gamers pay more attention to fashion models and avant-garde rappers than I thought.