GIRLS ARE PRETTY: Old Man’s Cabin Day!


Today while hiking you’ll stumble upon an old man’s cabin.

“You’re the first person I seen in thirty years,” he’ll say.

“Do you have any wisdom?” you’ll ask.

“Yeah,” he’ll say. “Don’t run off into the woods and expect to live alone without being bothered by any people, because…

hahaha “looks like a handkerchief fucked Paul Bunyan” is my simile of the day

GIRLS ARE PRETTY: Old Man’s Cabin Day!

Maximus Thor, episode “111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111”

A combination of that episode of The Twilight Zone with the god-kid and Youtube classic “Unforgivable.” This is a running series that I … Can’t remember how I discovered a couple weeks ago; I bet that Maximus kicked it out my brain as hard as he got kicked out of vacation bible school.

GTA V – Epic Swimming Pool Jumps

I’m attempting to write a longer piece gathering my thoughts about international touchstone GTA V and this video is a great demonstration of one of those very thoughts, but I couldn’t wait to post it.

As they do with every release in the series, Rockstar improved the technique (or “god-skill”) of creating a living, breathing, running, mugging, ramping, golfing city with Los Santos. There’s so much that most players will never see, loads of design begging to be exploited.

That’s where this digital Jackass comes in. There’s no reason to clamber up manors in Vinewood, so this guy created his own. How many fucking swimming pools are in this game that I won’t ever pass eyes over? How many natural ramps will my motorcycle fail to encounter? In what unknown ways can I mangle my character for only my satisfaction? The possibilities are limitless.

Female vocalists on stomp-worthy indie-pop cuts are my weakness right now. First, Purity Ring’s recent album lasted me super long, and their cover of “Grammy” may be my fave song of the year. Lorde’s arrival on the scene and slow trickle of Soundcloud releases proves that, should she include her discography so far, her debut album will be remarkable. Sleigh Bells’ return has me in quite a mood, ‘nuff said. MØ (who I’ll be featuring soon) also fits the bill, and even grabbed me in the same listening session as Holy Child.

There’s a ragga groove to this that reminds me of Robyn at her most Jamaican but with a more approachable, pleading voice at the front. Some of Holy Child’s earlier songs stretch too much with children’s choirs and sweeping orchestration; this is taut, not a punctuated synth bleat out of place.