The Meaning of Brawl

An attempt to hack my first Wii left it unable to play Brawl, even if every other game still worked. The second Wii, my parents’ swapped with mine, stopped working because I would leave it running all the time.

I miss Brawl the most for what this video demonstrates: matches have moments, memorable ones that only crop up through the many mechanics in motion. They can’t be predicted or planned for, but they’re unique to the players. They’re short stories: “remember that time when I perfectly countered Marth’s Up+B but then the Pirate Ship catapulted the soccer ball into me twice in a row!?” It’s the same as when we recount playground football plays we pulled off or car crashes we barely avoided. Anything that creates these moments (dangerous driving excluded) is special to us, because it allows us to develop a mythology outside the story we’re already living; otherwise it all starts to feel the same.

I have no grounds for anything written above; enjoy some digital-punch hijinks.

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