Holy shit this is far and away the most interesting piece of art to come out of The Hunger Games trilogy….

as always i enjoy reading your commentary. i think i have to agree. regaining interest for people who were on the fence and not into the books or whatever.

Now that I think about it, your reply to my post about Cara Delevingne voicing a radio DJ in GTAV actually influenced me on this! I have to remember that when it comes to advertising, there are very very very very few accidental successes. WB didn’t say “find me an artist!” and randomly pick someone and wow here’s the design. More likely it was “find us an artist in this style, conveying this mood, including these subjects” and then weeks of back-and-forth between artist and ad execs. In a weird way, that doesn’t feel scary to me. So long as advertising doesn’t wholly consume art, it is its largest patron, and the delicate relationship between patron and artist existed before ads did.

But art within capitalism is a topic that I’m pretty under-educated in. I’ve only ever considered it in regards to TV, which, until cable existed, was that wasteland of all art as ads. Sure, there were good shows, but the environment comes across as more oppressive to innovation than any other arena. Thanks to HBO and Netflix, this shit is changing faster than you can watch a whole season of House of Cards in one sitting.

PS Thank you for the kind words! I have a feeling you’ll appreciate my next post.


IMAX Poster: ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire‘ | Badass Digest

Finally, a ‘Catching Fire’ one sheet that doesn’t put me to sleep.

Holy shit this is far and away the most interesting piece of art to come out of The Hunger Games trilogy. The books and movies are interesting because teens killing each other is a brutal concept populated by irrational minds, but we know it isn’t new. This hits me like art scraped into the dried veneer, and that’s why marketing is insane— they’re targeting lost audience members like me (I was at the midnight showing for the first; I really doubt I’ll see Catching Fire in theaters.)

Facebook needs to start using “Deleted User #1” tags or something, I don’t want someone to force me into electroshock therapy when all my early statuses are barren in three years.

if I was stalked by a psychiatrist, she or he could get me locked up as a patient. I’d be defenseless to stop it. The realities of our time.

edit: it isn’t really clear but i’m certain there are at least three deleted accounts participating here