savetheworldlikekeanu said: obviously I have to recommend Bill Burr too. Patrice O’Neal never hurts either.

This may be a great time to make it clear to anyone, because I think I’ve talked him up enough on my other social meltdown platforms but not Tumblr: Patrice O’ Neal is now one of my favorite comedians of all time. Him and Doug Stanhope are my exciting comedy discoveries from this year. Patrice was honest, deeply honest, he didn’t care at all about what people thought of his act, and it comes through in content (some of the dirtiest sex jokes I’ve heard, all told with depravity maneuvered into the eye of the beholder and not inherent to himself) and behavior (listen in the link to those throaty gasping grunts he looses at some cleavage as he walks onstage). I draw a lot of inspiration from this great these days, and I came across him far too late.

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