Is it though? Cause I think instead of “Marvelous,” you meant to type “Marvel-ous,” as in it’s made by Marvel and is immune to criticism. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed amateur critics and commercial film students have in common, it’s a willingness to defend these films as “escapism” because they’ve been roped in as much as the rest of us but don’t want to suggest it’s a “good” movie.

Let me be clear: I’m not bothered if someone walks out of Thor and is like “killer explosions, I love Tom Hiddleston, I totally forgot about my work week for about two hours.”  But I don’t want to talk to you if I ask “how was Thor” and sweatstains spread over your pits before you hum “marrrrvelous.” Stand up for what you respect and like about art, and do not be afraid to admit that there are shitty aspects to this fandom that you’ve adhered your life to. Contrary to how some may feel, you’re actually more of a Thor fan if you admit that it isn’t perfect: at least you have a vested interest in the success of your adopted series.

If you’ve ever wanted me to take a hard line stance on something, here it is: if you buy tickets to movies like this, you cannot complain about the state of the movie industry. Because if we all woke up and held superhero movies (or even just superhero movie sequels!) to the same standard we hold for every other type of film, the movie business would collapse and maybe we’d get some new story concepts. The Dark Knight proves that it can be done right, but the audiences have to demand it, and theaters will blame faltering sales on piracy until it can’t be denied anymore. Don’t pay for shitty movies if you like movies. If you still want to see the movie, don’t lie to yourself and don’t lie to other people with sweeping statements of quality.

PS I’m only so upset because this time it’s coming from a tumblr I respect, popculturebrain, which sets a lofty goalpost for itself by name alone. If you like pop culture and namely the way it functions in the absence of money, then it’s hard for me to believe that you can watch a movie like this and be like “ahhh another sterling addition to the canon.” I’m not gonna bite your head off if you invite me to see Avengers VII: The Whedonscape. Be warned that afterwards I am gonna bite the movie’s head off, and I may even suck out the innards. And I will never write a one word review of it on tumblr.

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