Ten Hours of Oh My Dayum

Sometimes you ask yourself if you want to feel good or bad in your soul. Answer wisely.


Well played.

I want three discs of “She Hates Me” yesterday. I want it eleven years ago when I would bump Come Clean during study time in the Friends School library, so that maybe I could have set in motion a chain of events leading to the world laid out here. Oh, and follow Printed Internet.




Beyoncé gets distracted by the audience knowing the lyrics to “XO.” [x]


i’m reblogging this so Claire can reblog/see it  😉

im glad this album is getting the love it deserves

Yeah people been bumping “Flawless” and other power anthems but the rolling old organ and the cheering crowd turn “XO’s” call to love into a sermon. I’ve been looping it the past week.

Also this gifset just reminds me that music has always been about the artists and the fans. Like, the immediate distribution of her album ended up moving her like this. idk just some market analysis lol