“I love the sense that the object is in the frame with the actors, I think that gives you a level of interaction and connection that you don’t get when you do work against green screen.” – Joe Cornish

Most excellent film.

We watched this, “Attack the Block” together.

It’s his birthday today and I hope he doesn’t invite me over.

I’m not antisocial, I just don’t like homosapiens.

Holy shit I had no idea physical actors played the aliens, I assumed it was all CGI. One of my favorite cult films gets a little more favorite-er.

My own efforts to create a voice and a perspective on these failures haven’t really been about chastisement, or a certain set of assumptions about what the articulation that I’m critiquing should have been, or what the failure of it represents in the person, but rather a collective effort to build a feminism that does more of the work that it claims to do.

Kimberlé Crenshaw on intersectionality, the term she coined, quoted in this article.

The system fails and it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, so long as we do what we can to repair it.

Mexico’s ‘Water Monster’ May Have Disappeared

Always liked these dudes for showing up at the end of the A’s in any animal encyclopedia. Cute newt fingers crossed there are still some left.

Mexico’s ‘Water Monster’ May Have Disappeared

Major Lazer, “Smooth Sailing ft. Mr. Williamz”

The original “Jessica” by Major Lazer was close to one of my favorites on the album, but it felt a little empty despite Ezra Koenig’s frenchy coos. This remix does away with that, bringing in a Mr. Williamz to get the dubsters slow-dancing. The original let a lover go like the climax to a cold New Wave film. We know he misses her here.