An Internship Applicant Submitted This About A Month Ago

I would like to start by saying my name is [redacted], some call me Broster. I live in Aurora,IL I'm 19 I'll be 20 next month I weight around 166 pounds and I was previously working for Walmart . My proudest accomplishment was definitely coming in 2nd place for my acting performance in a country Social Studies fair and graduating honors when I had a G.P.A of a 3.0 What makes me special is I have the type of attitude that is very adamant I am also an old school raised person that does not not stick to the status Que of today's young generation. I am also a very humorous person that has a unique type of voice that will brighten anyone's day. The biggest challenge I have conquered is definitely losing my mom when I was only for years old. I am more of a romantic type of person one thing I have done is have a candle lit dinner in the sunset on a beautiful beach. I have been single for about 8 months . I have never been married and I'm available at [redacted]

The Dark Power of Fraternities

Everyone’s falling off frats. Seriously, let’s get away from hazing and sexual assault and build some railings for these kiddos (or do away with the system completely???¿?¿?). Especially considering how little the national organization will cover the costs of laundering the blood out of your letterman jacket.

The Dark Power of Fraternities