MØ, “Say You’ll Be There”

MØ brings the V-Day love with a cover of a song that I always wanted to sing along with but could never figure out the lyrics. Like this shit gets stuck in my head once every few months and I can only hum it.



I love how he just catches her

i love how he did what he was supposed to do. i love how he didn’t powerbomb her through the ice and smash her spine into several pieces. i ship it.

I adore the way these figure skaters did some figure skating. So cool how they perform the rehearsed thing.

Kitty Pryde, “285”

Kittaveli wrote an ode to recently-shuttered DIY Brooklyn venue 285 Kent (I linked to an article about its closing recently.) I’ve never seen her perform there, only LA, but this song is probably the most loving and wistful thing she’s ever done— which is saying something, given that nearly every song she writes is about the heaviest crush ever. Here she uses some angry-ish house synths to really open up the chorus at the end. It’s fun to dance to, but a little disconcerting.

we say goodbye i guess/ i will see you around/ and i will clean up my mess/ and i’ll never wear you down/



So excited to spend my Sunday afternoon at The Fox, seeing The Book of Mormon!

heard so much about this.

Go see it: one of my best friends is playing guitar for the tour.

edit— on top of the fact that it was universally praised and is actually a pitch-perfect parody of nearly every contemporary Broadway success. But I also haven’t seen it so what do I know??