This THURSDAY NIGHT, April 3rd, from 7-10 PM at G1988 (West), we’ve teamed up with our friends at Cartoon Network and clothing brand Rook, to bring you G1988 x Adventure Time, a group art show inspired by the awesome cartoon. The work for this show is REALLY REALLY GOOD, evident by the previewed pieces above. Over 65 artists will participate in the show! Rook will also be debuting their Adventure Time cap sure collection, and this exhibit will be the first place to purchase that as well. 

THIS EXHIBIT IS RSVP ONLY! You can easily RSVP to attend by emailing us at rsvpgallery1988@gmail.com. It is REQUIRED THAT YOU RSVP. The show will only run through April 6th.

Stop it g1988, you’re too perfect, I can attend art galleries and be a rambunctious child?

the strawberry was grown organically and so was, of course, doused in urine by the roaming field coyotes. this cat still retains some instincts despite domestication!