Men Kill

Wives were more likely than husbands to be killed by their spouse. Wives were about half of all spouses in the population in 2002 but 81% of all persons killed by their spouse. Girlfriends were more likely than boyfriends to be victims of murder.

Girlfriends were about 50% of all boyfriend-girlfriend relationships but 71% of all victims who were a boyfriend
or girlfriend of the murderer.

Bureau of Justice report on Family Violence, 2002

Do not be misled by folks who rattle off statistics about how women initiate more domestic violence than men, or that men under-report domestic violence against themselves. True as that may be, these figures above are the end of the argument: more women die at the hands of a loved one, and more loved ones in these incidents are men.

Do not trust anybody who says that domestic violence is a “human” problem rather than a man problem. Everyone should practice non-violence and, a step further, reacting non-violently in the face of violence. As it is, men must be taught this vigorously and constantly, moreso than women. Men are the ones who kill, whether they trigger the conflict or not. Men kill.

Riff Raff, “How To Be The Man”

If you like hip-hop, you need to know who Riff Raff is. It doesn’t matter if you like him, you just need to be aware. Jay-Z is boring. Eminem is boring. Riff grabs your attention. I saw Lil Debbie, Kitty Pryde and Riff Raff in October 2012. I share that because I just want my opinions to seem trustworthy, y’know? I can feel the pulse pretty okay, y’know? I’m still the same lame dork I’ve always been, even in past lives my professional title or my caste or my adventurer class was always “Lame Dork”

A Friend of Mine Shared Her Week

A Friend of Mine Shared Her Week

Please women: continue sharing these. The men who trust you are consistently disgusted and reminded that it’s all so different for women, and the men who don’t trust you are going to die alone anyways.

In my recent delirious mental freedom, I’ve realized how unafraid I am of my day-to-day decisions; and shit, I’m now figuring out that it’s mad easy for me because I’m a straight, able-bodied, white, cis, sexual male. Maybe I should lay off all the zen talk for fear of rubbing it in faces.

“It’s an attitude mirrored on the other side of the screen as well. Binge-watchers care little for how their meal is coursed out; all they want is to dig in. And Game of Thrones is particularly delicious when devoured in bulk. There’s little tonal variance between the hourly installments; everything is equally good. In fact, it’s the rare show that’s probably better served by such gluttony: Less time away makes it harder to mistake your Sansas from your Sandors, your Lothars from your Lorases. Game of Thrones is proof that more and more people are coming around to David Simon’s way of thinking: Individual episodes aren’t works unto themselves but rather chapters in a carefully crafted novel. More than sex pirates and smoke babies, imp slaps or jokes about Littlefingers, this may be Game of Thrones‘s most enduring legacy. What we thought was an exercise in transforming a book into television may actually have helped turn television into a book.”

– Andy Greenwald in this article on Grantland.

Written a year ago, I didn’t see this piece until now. I hope my friends who don’t tune out when I start going on about the future of TV will notice that this talk about Game of Thrones turning television into a book and episodes as chapters in a novel is practically verbatim out of my own mouth.

I’m currently writing a grand space-epic animated sitcom with Ethan. I hope I sound more frightened than deluded when I say that the two of us have gotta change TV fast, before somebody beats us to it. The geyser is ready to blow and some youngblood series is gonna be the triggering tremor. The good news is that everyone’s gonna stick with drama pilots for now because comedy is for jesters and pigs (e.g. me, a pig-jester. oink)