If you want to know the God’s honest truth, part of my “eh” was coming from the unsettling thought of your passion for campaigns being once again exploited by this rather unfair, somewhat backward system, one that now treats you like it’s your responsibility to keep a show alive, like a corporation is doing you a favor by feeding you low grade opiate through a regulated tube. Like you owe them an apology when they can’t measure or monetize you to their satisfaction. You deserve better. I love you guys, and at its best, Community is me saying that over and over again, saying let’s get less mad at ourselves and each other and more mad at the inhuman systems that keep us down and divided. “Maybe it should have said less of that and more jokes.” Shut up, voice of my grade school principal that also coached and umpired softball because shrieking “steeeeeeerike” at children was his sole recourse to virility.

Dan Harmon tells the fans why he’s not as fired-up at the possibility of resurrecting Community as they are. The second half of this paragraph is channeling Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce.

Dan: you get it. And this sums up why I’ve loved Community from first watch. There’s care in between the jokes. There’s understanding. It’s not just shoveling cynicism and bitterness down audience’s throats like so many multi-cam sitcoms. You gave us comedic characters that we wanted to identify with, rather than hold at arms length as an example of society’s worst. The conflict was rarely (if ever) about some angry main character fucking up and setting in motion a chain of events that fucked with everyone’s lives and made them yell at each other before they finally hugged at the end. It was usually about miscommunication, and how we can be overeager to defend ourselves thanks to a general fear of others and their opinions, and how that fear is a result of how much we’re told to fear; the reasons told to us by, say, sitcoms about angry people getting angry.

What I’ve found in the real world is that people don’t want to do the wrong thing, and if it feels like someone’s wronged you, it’s usually possible to figure out how they were trying to right you (or themselves, or others). And Community was about that process.

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