Perhaps Posting This Here Will Let Me Wind Down For The Night, It’s A Plan and A Purpose That I Couldn’t Help But Share With My Loving Friends Because I Didn’t Know What Else To Do

If you outlaw guns for the population, everyone with a gun becomes a criminal. The willful evil becomes that much more identifiable. We prove that we can govern ourselves with peace and the police have no recourse for keeping their own arms. At that point, the national government controls the weapons, but they could kill us all whenever they wanted even when we had guns. Finally, we stand together in peace and demand the government disarm and stand together in death if they refuse.

please, please, I just want a plan, please, I just want anything to keep me from reading about a crumpled sorority girl sobbing into her phone to mom that she doesn’t think she’s gonna make it because of the blood pouring out of a kidney through-and-through on the manicured lawn of her sunset beachfront college, I’m not writing this to prove that I feel more than you, I’m not right, I don’t know a goddamn thing except that I’ve been miserable and lashing out and obsessing all day and I don’t even have any connection to this massacre, I mean, this is the sort of unfunny and emotional writing that I usually keep elsewhere but I wanted to reach people with my feelings because it’s all I know how to do, I’m not savvy enough to play politics and I’d march with a cause if it didn’t feel like lockstep, I really only want to know that some of my friends feel the same because it’s not just six dead people and it’s certainly not just me, the violence feeds a pernicious and unavoidable fear in all of us, guns exist because we’re already scared of each other but they aren’t making anything better, guys, they don’t fix anything, guns are a band-aid on a hollow-point entry wound with a missile that ripped through the mushy viscera and dug fragments into the soul, they aren’t helping us feel safe, they’ve never helped, we don’t need them, why do we need them? This may sound morbid but it would really simplify things: if you prove to me that we need guns, I’ll go buy one from the nearest deli and employ it on my own fucking chest and you won’t have to listen to me ramble any more because there’d be no point in trying to function in a world full of life attempting to live that, despite that purpose, demands an omnipresent death machine. Thank you so much for reading.

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