But then would I be able to protect myself?

Self-defense is a right. If you say the police are disarmed, I’m sure crime will not drop.

We’re not that civilized around here.

The scenario where nobody has guns is a scenario in which people see no need for guns, and no matter…

I can’t follow the discussion anymore. You care about guns, not peace. We’re talking two different conversations. I’m the weaker person who puts too much stock in the opinions of other internet denizens. You win. Enjoy. Kill me. Kill yourself. Kill ‘em all, let God sort ‘em out.

It’s just a ride.

(That’s a link. It sums up my feelings more than I did. The actual content is only 90 seconds long. If you feel like continuing this, I suggest you start yelling at the video instead. Love you, fucker.)

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