Okay, now we’re getting somewhere: you’re afraid of the police.

No. The police is afraid of something, if they need guns so do I.

Why? Is it because they have guns? We’re on the same page: the police shouldn’t have guns. It’s something I’ve said for years and is even part of a…

I call bullshit on people being equals without firearms. Without firearms, people of weaker physical build, such as a small person like me would not be able to defend ourselves effectively against bigger, stronger people.

Firearms are an equalizer. A bullet fired from my small hands is just as effective at stopping a criminal as a bullet fired from a physically strong law enforcement officer. 

Fuck this shit. This is killing me. The internet is killing me, I’ve barely slept over the past two days, haven’t eaten anything in almost 24 hours. I wrote a whole paragraph about seeing the forest for the trees and I’ve written over and over that I don’t care about gun control and anyone who engages with me is still so insistent about getting little jabs in, picking and choosing the shit they think they’ve got new, fresh thought on, the key to winning the battle, “calling bullshit,” all because you absolutely refuse to acknowledge your own addiction to violence. “Maybe if I look at it this way we’ll still get to kill each other but a few less preschools will end up massacred.” “Only pious, healthy people get guns, not the bad guys, then we’re safe.”

Here’s the litmus test: agree with him or not, if you can understand why Gandhi would suggest that the Jews non-violently submit to death in the face of the Nazi regime, I’ll put my emotional well-being at risk to talk to you tumblrites. If your understanding of that concept goes beyond “but then the Nazis would just kill everyone and we’d all be dead and living in Nazi world” and you can picture the timeline of non-violent resolution to the war from that point on, then you’re thinking from the same sort of perspective I am.

But I’m not giving away the secret. That’s my defense. That’s how I’m going to separate the thinkers from the repeaters. The answer ain’t on Wikipedia. Nobody ever taught it to me and I’ve never heard anyone come up with it independently. I’m not special, but I’ve given thought to peace, more than the screeching lip-service of the doves and the hawks caught in the same two-sided mentality we’ve suffered since humans existed.

You’re so desperate to establish yourself as correct and there were never any answers other than living happily and in peace. I’m gonna eat a pizza and play some videogames, fuckers.

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