Hm, can it be? No matter who plots the data the correlation always seems low, whether it is for homicides in general or gun homicides.

Shall we reduce the number of nations? Leave only the so called “developed” ones?


Almost the same correlation.

oh damn oh damn I feel the epiphany, i feel it all, yall. see the problem was i never gave the time of day to these arguments but I finally looked at these stats that in the back of my head I knew meant nothing but didn’t want to dig into and figure out why they meant nothing. all my talk about acknowledging one’s fear and abstract thought would really come in handy for these fuckers

I took a moment to explore why something so counter to what I know is true would seem to be factual, and after a bit of thinking and not rushing to counter an argument, I arrived: yeah, duh, the people who are paranoid enough to own guns are also paranoid enough to move far away from crime as they prioritize fear above most things in life. Montana has a small population of conservatives who likely own lots of guns. And no scared craven child is gonna own just one gun, nah, they need an arsenal to polish waiting for the coyotes to attack the sheep or the Bradleys to storm the compound, dying of old age before getting the chance to wing an intruder because they’re in the middle of fucking nowhere and nobody cares about them. Meanwhile a place like NYC has tons more people, less guns thanks to gun control, a dense, stressed-out population, a full socio-economic spectrum breeding envy, materialistic/commercial culture on a grand scale, and acts as a hub for organized crime based on location. Naturally: places with more guns have less violent crime because there would be less crime otherwise.

Keep coming up with correlations and I’ll happily acknowledge one that’s actually got some causation involved. But actually I don’t think there is one so it’s probably best to just lay down your arms and try not being spooked for once since you can’t prove anything and guns are a net loss for people where peace is a net gain. NICE

It’s so cool because I hadn’t even thought of this shit before. Just by removing myself from the debate, I’m able to work on what actually matters, which is developing my own line of thought.

what u up to elpatron56? copying-and-pasting these graphs everywhere and enjoying the congratulatory slaps on the back? Don’t answer that or any of this cause it’s gonna fall on deaf, unenlightened, falsely-transcendent ears (mine). oh and don’t confuse a back-pat for a pistol whip or you might kill someone

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