yeah, duh, the people who are paranoid enough to own guns are also paranoid enough to move far away from crime as they prioritize fear above most things in life

Queue in the millions of people who live in cities who can afford a $150 gun but can’t afford to move out…

Keep coming up with correlations and I’ll happily acknowledge one that’s actually got some causation involved

Do you know anything about statistics? The correlation is negative, but too low to prove anything.

i.e. apples to orange soda. It’s completely independent. New Orleans is violent and has a lot of legal guns, Chicago is just as violent and a lot less legal guns.

and don’t confuse a back-pat for a pistol whip or you might kill someone

Get help.



sorry man you gonna suggest I don’t know anything about statistics based on an abstract statement of mine, I’m down to suggest you don’t know a thing about writing and, in fact, may be illiterate, which really limits the possibility of this conversation

Also: I am getting help. Wish you could talk to my therapist about how copacetic a person she believes I am (whether or not she’s lying is besides the point, you’re the one who suggested help and I’m here to tell you it’s going so well) and how the reasons I’m speaking with her are utterly unrelated to how I’m functioning on tumblr outside of my current manic attention on this topic. Meanwhile, how’s it going over there in the morass of gun-worship? Learned anything lately? Seen any new pretty pictures?

You are frightened of yourself and people. Don’t get help because the idea of you gaining the tools to effectively convey your feelings might help you climb out of the hole that you seem happy to remain in, and I, as said before, cannot think of a better (peaceful!) torture.

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