Guys I feel like I’ve been very angry in almost everything I’ve done lately but I promise you that, if that’s the case, I’m just coping with feelings that I’ve sublimated for about five years now and I would need to let off this steam before I can get back to balance. Posting my mental victories here is what keeps me from smashing “enter” on those Facebook comments to score Pyrrhic victories and ultimately burn every bridge I’ve got, even like Bering-Strait-esque land bridges that should not be flammable, even The Dude Himself Jeff Bridges whose robe is super flammable but nobody wants to burn that Bridges, and I don’t think a score-ched earth policy should be extended beyond how I treat my own health. I don’t want to scorch the earth of others, so I redirect it to Wampoholic. If you can ride it out with me, I’ll definitely be better for it.

but in the meantime jesus christ look at this ignorant tool (not to mention the other person who doesn’t know how to use Google [hayyyoooo~ still got the self-burns a-comin in hot!! {scorching, even?}])

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