For those troubled few who like to know what I’m listening to


I haven’t done much music writing lately (or side writing at all, pretty occupied by stand-up, sketches and other assorted projects). But according to my GPS I drive more than 99% of all Californians, so right now my life lends itself pretty well to burning through lots of music. Everything from doom metal to vaporwave, whether 50 years old or releasing tomorrow.

And even if I’m not writing about the music, I’m still cataloging it for my personal pleasure and ease of access month-to-month. (I’m at the point where I risk forgetting about a magical song because of all the magic I’ve already heard. It’s a weird moment when you’re bumping your head to the beat from the H&M speakers and think “oh yeah I really love this song and it vanished from my memory.”) You can reap the rewards of my organization on Spotify yourself if you click over to my profile.

I’m Tryna Listen is the daily playlist of new songs for me to listen to. I try and update it every time I drive. It’s stocked with 50-100 tracks at any given time.

I’m Tryna Rly Like are songs that have graduated from the fresh listening playlist, selected because they caught my ear. These will most likely make it onto that month’s playlist. This is namely so I can keep a separate playlist of 10-20 bangerz available offline and reserve most of my phone memory space for the listening list.

Then you’ll see the monthly playlists, (like August 2014, embedded above) which are thrown into a somewhat acceptable order of listening before being finalized. These are the songs from that month that I want to remember.


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