Grimes, “Go ft. Blood Diamonds”


According to this recent New York Times bit, Grimes released this song (originally written for Rihanna) and received such a backlash from her fans that she scrapped her whole upcoming album and returned to the drawing board. And honestly, while she should have the conviction to plow ahead, I’m mad disappointed in those fans. Her tumblr (which is a pro fucking click, I mean, apart from all the interesting content from someone else who grew up on the internet, take a look at the cute lil Adult Cat Finder pop-up in the bottom right!) makes her wide sources of inspiration so clear– she loves Korean pop and hip-hop, and the vibe is sprinkled across “Go”– that it’s upsetting such a strong voice would be waylaid by whiny scrubs who want more of the same rather than risks.

On top of all that, this is a banger, and if her whole upcoming album sounded like this I would find it a major, fun step forward for her sound.

Plus the single art is the sickest, like I can feel my digestive system shutting down just gazing at it:



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