Bo Burnham, “Repeat Stuff”


Oh wow, Bo Burnham continues to demonstrate that he’s working within and without the music industry with this definitive take on his internal conflict. The pop-savvy tongue twister of “Words, Words, Words” mashes its self-aware chorus with “Art Is Dead’s” forthright, cynical sadness. Outright comparing the industry to Satan was the only logical next step– and fuck yeah, he did it.

As a performer, Bo also manages to pull off something rare in comedy: he believes he’s seeing through the veil and we aren’t, but we don’t feel like morons listening to him. Sure, he throws in self-deprecation, but that’s a necessity. There’s just no condescension. Only the best can grapple with smash-the-state topics without repulsing the audience.

(best shot in a music video ever, pun intended)

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