Tim Kreider, “Big Fag”

Big Fag

(Click for actual size)

I’m reading Kreider’s essay collection, We Learn Nothing, which included this cartoon as a chapter break. I’ve seen it before (hell, it’s saved on one of my hard drives) but the more I read about Tim and his thoughts, the more I identify with him. This cartoon, slur aside, is that identification in a nutshell. (And regarding the slur: Tim and I have both been called “fag” in our time, even apart from that semi-affectionate bro-like “dude, you’re such a fag right now”) From Selena Gomez jams to spending more time with girlfriends than guyfriends over my recent vacation, from being fundamentally distracted from typical male bonding touchstones to treating Ponce like a pawful prince. Each one hits dead-on (well I do okay with sports. no cars).

I feel ya, Tim.