Ari Versluis, “Exactitudes”

Omen – Amsterdam 2014

Photographer Versluis recognizes little pocket categories of style, names them, and sets out into the world to prove you aren’t as original as you think. For the past 20 years he’s been catching subjects on the street and building his collection. See if you can find yourself here.



One half of the band Lightning Bolt is designing this “rhythm violence” game. It’s as if Enter the Void‘s trippy slips through time and space were screening on the inside of your dropship, mere moments before plunging into battle on terra firma. If Lightning Bolt is pump-up music, here’s their pump-up game.

In honor of Tim Kreider replying to my Facebook post on his wall (because the acknowledgment of any person is more than I could ask for, much less a role model of mine), here’s his tribute to his cat, a collection of illustrations sourced from other comics of his throughout the years.

Thanks to humans’ unnatural lifespan, adopting a pet is adopting eventual sadness (apart from Galapagos tortoises). (I’m also afraid I’m paraphrasing another writer there… I’ll have to double-check.) A pet’s love is a finite resource, moreso than most of the love we experience.

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