Recent Photoshops

Working on faces forces me to focus on all sorts of new aspects. It’s hard to photoshop faces realistic to the eye, given how much we pay attention to them without even thinking about it. I’m finding that the more similar the light sources and angles, the easier the swap. (Something I’m sure anyone who’s followed any sort of photoshop lessons would’ve learned day 1.)

How much money would someone have to offer the U.S government for them to build a statue of Hitler in Washington, D.C? I’m talking someone offering to wipe out the national debt—is there any point where the U.S says yes?

Congress would never approve it, no matter the price, and no matter if it made perfect fiscal sense. I mean, we SHOULD erect a statue to Hitler if it helps wipe out the debt. That could help create millions of jobs and provide us with enough money to help update the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. I’d make that deal in a second. So there’s a Hitler statue on the White House lawn. Big deal. We could invite kids to deface it on a daily basis. It could be a valuable teaching moment for everyone. You won’t forget about Hitler’s misdeeds if his ugly mug is sitting center stage in the nation’s capital at all times. That’s a win-win. President Obama, I urge you to build the Hitler statue.

Drew Magary’s Funbag is one of my favorite columns on the internet. Here’s some lucid thought in an answer to a ridiculous question.

April 2015

Since the excitement of March carried over into the following month and I mostly kept myself entertained with those fresh tunes, I didn’t have much inspiration to share this; hence the massive delay. Still, we got Natalia Kills representing for penal colony pop (in the shadow of Iggy Azalea) and Sharpless with two other highlights from The One I Wanted To Be.

May is shaping up to be another wild month of music, but in the meantime I figured I could tide you over with this playlist of mine that could easily be titled “My Favorite Songs From The Past Five Years-ish” (it’s actually called “need these near”). What I know about myself is that, circumstances be damned, sometimes my brain will demand to hear “Bubble Butt.” Or any of the other songs I’ve popped in here. They’ve remained on my mind consistently while many other tracks have come and gone. They, like all my selected tunes, are hella obnoxious. Enjoy.

such a difficult struggle as a GoT fan. it’s like, i haven’t been raped, so my immediate thought was “why would rape be uncomfortable to watch?” but then people told me why anyone would be uncomfortable, and I was like “oh, yeah, that makes sense and it’s a shame.” gosh it is impossible to live in this politically correct world of ours